Iberinox, Stainless Steel and Special Alloys Scraps

Commercialization. Product range


Nickel chrome scrap

Stainless Grades 304,310, 316, 321, 347, entire 200, 300 and 400 series.
DUPLEX Grades 2205, 2507, 2304, 4501, LDX2101
Other stainless grades NITRONIC 50 (XM-19), 17-4PH, 17-7PH, 13-3PH, 13-8PH Etc.
Reformer/Furnace tubes HK-(Ni-20%,Cr-25%) HP-(Ni-35%,Cr-25%), HP+W, ET45, 1.4879, 60 HTD

Nickel chrome moly scrap

Hastelloy B, C, C-276, G, R, S, X Etc
Inconel 625, 705, 709, 718, 825, 901, 925 Etc.
Other ALLOY 20, A286, AL6XN, 904L, CARPENTER 20, 20CB3, SMO254, RA333, NIMOCAST, NIMONIC 86, RENE 62, RENE-Y.


All Ti CP grades (1-4), 90/6/4, 6-6-2, Etc.


W solids, WC Co inserts, WC Ni, W Cu, W wires.

Copper Nickel alloys

C955, Monel 400, 410, Monel K 500, CuNi 70/30, 80/20, 90/10, Kunifer, Copel, Cupron.

Nickel Cobalt molly alloys

Udimet 400, 500,520, 600 Inco 617, 738, 792, NIMONIC 155, INCONEL, UDIMET, NIMONIC, HS, WASPALLOY

Coins blanket alloys

Lumifal, Nordic Gold, Copper Nickel.

Cobalt alloys

Stellite, Elgiloy, FSX 414, UMCO

Tool steels

D2, D3, H11, H13, H21

High speed steel

M1, M2, M4 M7, M10, M35

Copper scraps


Other scraps and residual

Tantalum solids and runnings Vanadium solids and ashes, Zirconium solids and sands.

Iberinox occupies in the Spanish market a leadership position in the commercialization in all formats of nickel.

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